Integrated Institute of Disaster Management (IIDM), a non-governmental   organization, registered under Indian Trust Act, is working towards Disaster Management awareness and training for readiness, Climate Change Education, Risk Analysis, reductions and mitigations, planning and mapping, capacity building training to various line department officials and staff, college and school students. IIDM is also developing Community based First Responders and others as per risks, hazards and vulnerability locations.

IIDM has its own district training centers in 13 coastal districts of Tamil Nadu [India] including Chennai and in 9 non-coastal districts. It has a history of successful emergency situation management and disaster management since the year 2015 and is mandated to work in a purely secular manner in all spheres of its program activities.

IIDM gives priority only to the vulnerable areas & families belonging to underprivileged, handicapped, women, children and the aged and infirm and other economically backward people. The service doesn’t consider any discrimination regarding caste, language, religion, ethnic origin or political affiliation.

IIDM believes in supporting the community to become self-reliant, rather than making them dependant. Thus, IIDM has established itself as a professionally managed program in the field of Disaster Management. It has gained significance in the region by setting up a tradition of documentation, accounting all activities and processes which offer evidence based platform for learning and further planning.

IIDM will be empowered in implanting all the technologies applied for Disaster Management focusing on the most vulnerable communities taking its mission and objectives through practical approach and research studies.

IIDM stands as the backbone for the community against Natural Calamities and human induced disasters.